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Shoukan Kyoushi Riaru Bauto Hai Sukūru

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Prvo izvinite ako ima vec ova tema u search-u sam probai 2 puta i nije izaslo nista. :)

The story revolves around a school that doesn"t break up fights, but rather, they grade them. The story introduces Ryoko Mitsurugi, Daimon High"s Current reigning K-Fight Champion and self described Samurai Girl. It also introduces Shizuma Kusunagi, a traveling Street Fighter with mysterious powers. The manga, while comedic in the beginning, becomes more serious as Ryoko and Shizuma find themselves caught up in the machinations of several student councils and a criminal organization with Ryoko teaming up with a band of female fighters named after the historical Shinsengumi.
inace ovo je radnja mange a anime se nadovezuje na mangu .

Radnja anime-a: The events in the anime series take place after those in the manga (with several events moved). Ryoko Mitsurugi is the current K-Fight champion, whose skill at Kendo and her love for samurai dramas has led her to be known as the "Samurai Girl". One day, Ryoko finds a strange pendant which transports her to another dimension called Solvania, where she is expected to fight monsters. This is part of a bigger plot to revive Solvania the strong.

Utisak:Vrlo simpatican anime i vrlo zanimljiva prica iako nisam odgledao sve epizode, a ima ih 13 mogu da zakljucim da je anime vrlo zanimljiv. Preporucujem. :)