Love Junkies [Manga] 18+
brate ovo meni vise lici na hentai XD a i odma mi se svideo cim sam video Smile
In the sea without lees
Standeth the bird of Hermes
Eating his wings variable
And maketh himself yet full stable
When all his feathers be from him gone
He standeth still here as a stone
Here is now both white and red
And all so the stone to quicken the dead
All and some without fable
Both hard and soft and malleable
Understand now well and right
And thank you God of this sight
Pomerili smo neke stvari sa mrtve tacke, e sada samo da nastave da se pomeraju i eto nam jos prevoda!
[Image: 76561198078674713.png]
jos kad bi sa mrtve tacke pomerio i ovu sliku u svom potpisu da se poklopi sa uradjenim, sve bi bilo kul Toungue

Glava AO porodice  Whistling

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