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Full Version: One Piece Teorije i predviđanja [manga spoilers]
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Kaže kako je one piece svi okeani i mora kad se spoje. To će napraviti i all blue i uništiti fishman island i otploviće na površinu. To je skraćena verzija.
Zanimljivo, jadan jinbei. XD
Zašto jadni Jimbei?? Smile
Pa ako ce se unistiti Fishman island XD
Pa dobro, prećiće na površinu Smile on je bar navikao da živi van Fishman ostrva Smile neće mu biti veliki problem.
Da to je skracena vezija inace je ostavljen link dole kad otvoris to na youtube gde je tekstualno ispisano XD
Naleteo sam na ovo, nije loša teorija.

Kuina Committed Suicide Theory

“Kuina, because of the many male’s dojo members losing to her they grew to hate and belittle her because of her gender and tell her that she wouldn’t be stronger then them for long because she was a girl and girl’s aren’t meant to be strong. In her outward appearance she had seem to of not been phased but inside made her paranoid that because she wasn’t a boy she wouldn’t be able to become a great swords-men. even so with this thought lingering in her mind she still strive to prove them all wrong.So, she focused on her training and studies.After reading and hearing stories by her father that the Wado Ichimonji is not only one of the twenty-one finest katana’s in the world but just like some of the other great swords out there have mystic and some might say magical abilities and properties. This interested Kuina so each day after intense training she would use her resting time to read about the sword that she became so fond of due to her father stories but there was one book in particular that she would continuously read which was an old folklore book at the time she just read it because she thought the book had nice pictures and told a story of how the 21 great swords was crafted long ago and was used in ancient war and battles by different great sword-men. The story that Kuina read also mention that a great swords-men that wielded the Wado Ichimonji wife was very ill and unable to bare children and she was all that he had knowing at the time that the worlds treatments couldn’t save his beloved he had killed her with the Wado Ichimonji in hopes that this specially forged sword will become one with his wife soul so he’ll be with her forever. that story ended saying that after the death of the great sword-men the sword that he wielded once again became quiet as if the soul within the sword had left with him. Not much after reading this story that Zoro came into the dojo wanting to challenge it. This is were Zoro and Kuina rivalry came in and during that time secretly she became fond of Zoro because he was the only boy so far that didn’t see there battles as boy vs girl but as to up and coming sword-men. During each and every battle that Zoro and Kunia would under go she had saw the rapid process of Zoro strength getting larger and during there last battle she mentions that to Zoro and her paranoia of being a female sword-men but after hearing Zoro saying that it didn’t matter that she was a girl gave her a small piece of hope but in the end had no real change in her mental state and now scared that the only friend or person to really see her for who she was would one day leave her behind because of the inevitable of there strength difference she had slit her wrist with the Wado Ichimonji and slowly made her way to Zoro to place the sword near his resting place but, due to the amount of blood she lost and at her weaken state had no longer the power to support herself which lead her to fall down the stairs. Kuina confused and uncertain of whats going on had found herself in a dark place were there was no light or anyone there to talk to she would cry thinking what she did was a mistake but after a few weeks time a person had unsheathe the sword and she saw Zoro she was relieved that now she will be about to stay by his side and watch him become the greatest sword that she’ll know he’ll be.In times were Kuina would she Zoro come back from a fight with really bad injures or fatal wounds she would give him some of her life energy to heal him this is where Zoro weird sleep healing comes from were after a tough battle Zoro would say “i need some sleep” and after waking up he’ll seem to be better.She would also help Zoro in battles by having him remember all the training and work he did during his time at the dojo and also by offering him her strength during tough battle’s.She would try to call out to Zoro but because of his bad sense of direction he can’t make his way to Kuina’s voice but never the less this is 100% fine with Kuina because being able to see Zoro become the greatest is good enough with her.”
ne znam, moze bit, a istovremeno to je predugo i prenategnutno iz nikog razloga skriveno objasnjenje za nesto sto se moze objasnit samo sa time da se kaze da zoro je zoro, isto kao sto u narutu gai se oporavi nakon spavanja od otvarana 7 kapija samo tako..
Zanima me šta mislite o usopu i njegovom ocu šta će se tu dešavati, pored toga imamo nesto sa ivankov i krokodilom, takođe me zanima lufijeva majka i neki roditelji od clanova lufijeve posade, toliko misterija ima, mislim da će se završiti tipa kao one piece je njegova nakama i cela ta avantura sa njima Big Grin
Ako se ne varam Krokodil je menjao pol, a to je Ivankov odradio. Barem se ranije tako nešto spekulisalo.
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